5 Amazing Foods to Keep Your Heart-Healthy

Whether you’ve got a family history of heart disease looming in the background or you’ve already gotten the speech from your doctor concerning your blood pressure and/or cholesterol level, you might be starting to think about changing up your diet to include more heart-healthy foods. Of course, the best place to begin when it comes to taking control of heart health is to cut out the items that are likely to cause the most problems, including foods high in salt, fat, sugar, and chemical preservatives. In short, you’ll need to cut back significantly on fast food and pre-packed, processed, and microwave meals. And snack foods are probably on the chopping block, as well. This is no easy feat. However, you’ll find that when you replace these items with heart-healthy choices, you’ll not only start to feel better immediately (and probably lose some weight, especially if you’re also practicing portion control), but you’ll start to prefer the healthy options to the junk you were eating before. And here are just a few amazing foods that could make your transition easier.

  1. Red wine. Okay, let’s be clear. This isn’t open season on downing your favorite vintages. But studies have shown that a moderate amount of red wine (about a glass a day) can actually be good for your heart.
    Although you’ve likely heard about the benefits of resveratrol, the truth is that polyphenols are where it’s at when it comes to vino, and these compounds help to keep your blood vessels supple (as opposed to cholesterol, which causes them to harden). However, you need to consider that wine is alcohol, and it therefore comes at a relatively high caloric cost. So fit it into your diet accordingly.
  2. Salmon. This fatty fish may turn you off when you see the calorie count, but there are so many health benefits to be gained from eating it that you’ll soon find yourself reaching for the chopsticks at your local sushi bar to sample some (or cooking it with a little olive oil and lemon juice at home).
    In truth, it is the fat in this fish that’s good for you thanks to omega-3 fatty acids that are essential to many bodily functions (but that our bodies don’t produce naturally). This unsaturated fat has not only been found to reduce inflammation, but it may also trim triglycerides and even lower your blood pressure. In short, you should strongly consider replacing other meats with this healthy alternative at least once or twice a week.
  3. Oatmeal. In my house, this breakfast food used to be known as glorp due to its bland appearance and taste. But thanks to the rising popularity of steel-cut oats, not to mention the addition of soymilk and fresh fruit to the equation, glorp has become a preferred favorite in the A.M.
    Not only does it fill you up, but soluble fiber can lower your LDL cholesterol (the bad one) and provide you with vital nutrients. And throwing in some soymilk and blueberries can multiply these benefits.
  4. Nuts. You don’t necessarily want to go nuts with the nuts, considering they’re pretty high in fat (albeit healthy fat).
    But a handful of walnuts or almonds here and there could help to reduce cholesterol and keep your blood vessels in ship shape, thanks to polyunsaturated fats.
  5. Dark chocolate. This is the icing on the cake, perhaps literally. You’ll want to opt for products that are 70% or more dark in order to get the most heart-healthyflavanols (often lost through the processing required for milk chocolate) and keep blood vessels healthy.
    And cutting out the “milk” in your chocolate can keep you from ingesting fat as you enjoy your cocoa. So when you mix up your protein shakes for weight loss, add a scoop of dark, unsweetened cocoa powder for extra flavor. Or simply reach for a couple squares of the dark stuff. Keeping your heart healthy could mean giving up a lot, so you’ll be glad to hear that chocolate isn’t off the table completely.

Mfrs. want share of stainless

CHICAGO–Faced with rising aluminum cookware costs and the desire to revamp cookware offerings, retailers are expected to increasingly turn to domestic and imported stainless steel cookware in ’84.

Consequently, several manufacturers are entering the stainless steel fray, hoping to grab dollars away from dominant Farberware and Revere Ware.

Notable among the new entries ers Wear-Ever–whose much discussed line is due at the April NHMA Show–and Meyer Housewares, which made its entry into the stainless market at the New York Gourmet Shown in November.

Newest Lines

The newest products in stainless steel from new and established manufacturers include the following.

Meyer’s Cook N Look Stainless Steel line offers heat-tempered clear glass covers, 3.2-millimeter thick aluminum clad bases and phenolic knobs and handles. Eight-piece sets carry $99.99 suggested retails and 11-piece sets have $149.99 suggested retail prices.

Also part of the collection is a 1.1-quart milkpan (suggested retail, $11.99) and a 12-inch covered chicken fryer (suggested retail, $39.99). The entire Cook N Look line will be available Mar. 1.

New from Farberware are 18- and 22-quart covered saucepots with aluminum bottoms. Suggested retail prices are $95.99 and $109.99 respectively. Available April 1.

Also new from Farberware is a boxed 6-quart stockpot with steamer/colander. Open-stock retail value is $66.99 and the set is available April 1.

Vollrath has introduced a 3-quart/3-piece steamer/cooker and a 5-quart/4-piece steamer/blancher, each with 9-inch diameter and dual-vented lid. With shipment available now, their suggested retail price range is $20-$40.

Metro Marketing is featuring two styles of Style Tech stainless cookware, available immediately. Seven-piece sets include either straight-sided style with phenolic handles (suggested retail, $100) or bell-shaped style with wire handles (suggested retail, $150). Also available in open-stock.

Newly-introduced by Ken Carter Industries is stainless steel European-design cookware with hollow-handle design. Seven-piece sets carry a $49.99 suggested retail price. Also new from the manufacturer is an eight-piece steamer/double boiler/egg poacher combination with vented lid. Suggested retail is $19.95. All items are available at the end of February.

Atlas Metal Spinning has lowered the pricing on its Adami collection of stainless/aluminum/stainless 5-ply cookware with solid polished-brass handles. Typical of the reduction is a 13-inch fry pan which previously had a suggested retail price of $90 and now carries a $60-$65 suggested retail price.

B. Solanki Trading has added two stainless steel turkey roasters with lids to its line. Available immediately, they carry $39-$45 suggested retail prices. Also new is a 14- x 10- x 3-inch lasagne pan with a $12.95 suggested retail, available now.

Featured by Revere is its copper clad stainless steel 10-inch covered saute/fryer with 3-1/2-quart capacity and helper-handle. Available immediately with a suggested retail price of $48.

Club unveils cookware for mass market

JACKSONVILLE, AR–Club Products has taken the wraps off its first cast aluminum cookware collection designed specifically for mass market and promotional department store sales.

In an exclusive HOUSEWARES interview, Club VP/Sales Rick Contino said first products in the Duracast line will be two saute pans and two griddles with SilverStone interiors, ceramic exteriors in several colors and phenolic handles.

Though specific sizes, colors and suggested retail prices were unavailable at presstime, Contino said almond will definitely be one of the colors and the pans will retail for less than $10 each.

Club plans to begin shipping Duracast in bulk packs of six in February, although the line’s formal introduction will be at the April NHMA Show.

Contino noted Club paid particular attention to the line’s packaging, designed to attractively protect the product.

Three-mill shrink wrap, with four-color labeling, will be used on all four SKUs. A small space will be left uncovered on the surface of each pan, allowing consumers to feel the SilverStone surface.

Each pan’s label carries the tagline, “Pick me up and feel the quality!”

Contino said the Duracast line was developed as a result of consumer research completed by Club which indicated an increasing market for quality, upgraded lines at the mass merchant level.

“Our market research also indicated that 40% of all cookware business is done with mass merchants, discounters and hardware,” Contino stated.

“In addition, our research tells us that approximately 80% of the dollars in aluminum cookware is done in griddles and saute pans.”

Contino said changes in the standard cast aluminum manufacturing process allowed Club to develop the promotional line.

Revisions were made in the engineering and finishing of the product, including the final sanding process.

“The bottoms of our standard cast aluminum pans are sanded whereas Duracast has a full ceramic bottom,” Contino explained.

Contino said the Duracast line incorporates four features Club identified through research as crucial to the product’s success:

* the identification of the Club name with the product;

* a suggested retail at or less than $10 per pan;

* the use of SilverStone and

* packaging “far superior to anything on the market.”

Contino added a timetable for additional Duracast introductions will be dependent on the success of the line’s first four SKUs.

“We felt there was a market out there now for low-cost saute pans and griddles and that’s the area we felt we had to go into with a promotional cast aluminum product,” he said.

“We’ll have to see what the demand is for other items.”